One of the most frequent types of travellers is the business person. This also means that they are a category of people that are in need of accommodation when away from home. There are plenty of different types to choose from but one of the most pleasant and convenient is the bed and breakfast type.

Part of this site is devoted to travellers who own a business and need to travel on a regular basis. It also focuses on the business person who is need of a holiday and wants to get away to a wonderful place like Glastonbury. This is the perfect setting not only for short stays while enroute to other locations but allows for some rest and relaxation with its laid back and tranquil environment.

The focus here has been put on bed and breakfast accommodations. This type of accommodation allows weary travellers the option of not having to stay at busy Hotels, and it is often more affordable for the persons who are away from home a lot and need to pay for accommodations.

For business travellers one of their constant concerns is their business back home and that it is running well and not being compromised in any way. Most are using internet technology as part of their business operations and here in some of the posts there are some suggestions on how to eliminate some of the IT problems that traveling business owners are concerned about when away from home.

Hopefully the information that is found here will be beneficial to the business traveller whether they are going to be away from home on business or a much needed vacation.