Business travellers often have different needs compared to those who are going to be away from home on vacation. For the business person accommodation is something that they really need to focus on, and many have determined that their best option is the Bed and Breakfast for several reasons.


The B&Bs accommodate far fewer number of guests at any one time. This means that the atmosphere is much quieter and allows the weary business traveller the opportunity to get the proper rest they need. Often in a hotel there is ongoing activity in the common areas that can interfere with the business traveller’s rest.

Warm Atmosphere

Most people who have to travel for business have to be away from home a great deal of time. This can be stressful. The B&Bs usually have a warm and homey atmosphere to them which makes it more comforting for the business person who may be missing home.

Quiet Activities

The majority of bed and breakfasts have a common area where guests can just sit quietly and relax and perhaps socialize with some of the other guests that are there. This gives them a chance to unwind in a nice atmosphere without people constantly coming and going.


It is not usual for a business traveller to arrive at their accommodations at the end of the day and then have to be up and out to their next location the next day. The schedule of the B&B fits in nicely with this type of itinerary. Guests are offered a good breakfast early in the morning so all of the business person’s needs are attended to.

Good Locations

Many of the B&Bs are using situated a short distance away from the hub of the activity in the region where they are located. A good example of this is a B&B in Glastonbury which is situated in a quiet locale yet close enough to the mainstream of Street. This allows for staying in a quiet atmosphere yet still conveniently located to the mainstream areas that the business person may need to access.